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Certified organic Australian tallow made from suet.

Certified organic extra virgin cold pressed Australian olive oil from Grampians heritage trees

Certified biodynamic extra virgin cold pressed Australian macadamia oil from Wodonga Park.

Pure Australian Emu Oil from Emu Spirit.

APPLICATION: Use as an everyday whole body lotion after a shower, bath, sauna, dry skin brushing or after exercise to relieve sore muscles.

Tallow Body Lotion 200ml

GST Included
  • We only use certified organic

    and wild harvested fats,

    butters and oils that are

    low in poly unsaturated fats,

    high in saturated fat and

    mono unsaturated fats.

    We pride ourselves on transparency and clean,

    natural, preservative free skincare.

    All of our ingredients are nutrient dense and of the highest quality.

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