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  • Is Barefoot Skincare Co organic?
    Yes! Our tallow is not only made from certified organic suet, it's also 100% pasture raised! All of our ingredients are certified organic except for the following... Kakadu Plum Oil (Australian wild harvested) Emu Oil (Australian non gmo)
  • Where do you source your beef tallow?
    We source our beef tallow from Queensland, we only use suet tallow from 100% pasture raised & certified organic cattle.
  • Is your skincare raw?
    Beef tallow goes through a rendering (cooking) process, tallow skincare can't be "raw" When combining ingredients, we use gentle a gentle heating process between 40-55 degrees to help emulsify the ingredients. We always add our delicate oils and honey at the end of the process after the heat has been turned off.
  • Why is your product "grainy' sometimes?"
    Due to the fatty acid profile of beef tallow and the different melting points, our face & body butters may have a grainy feeling to them. This does not affect the quality of the product and will melt almost instantly when applied to your skin.
  • What skin conditions will your products help with?
    All of them! Seriously! We've chosen these ingredients because they are beneficial to all skin types & all ages. We use minimal ingredients to get therapeutic benefits of each nutrient dense inclusion.
  • What is you packaging made of?
    Our containers are made from Rpet (recycled plastic) We also have amber glass and miron glass options
  • Can i eat your skincare?
    Pretty much! Most of our ingredients are classified as foods except for jojoba oil and black castor seed oil.
  • What essential oils do you use?
    We use therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Is Barefoot Skincare really 100% clean skincare?
    Yes! Our skincare is 100% clean skincare! We only use the ingredients listed on the packaging. This is why we suggest to use our skincare within 12 months of opening and only use with clean hands on clean skin.
  • Can I still use your skincare after 12 months from opening?
    Yes! As long as you store our face & body butters in a cool, dry area, use with clean hands and avoid temperature fluctuations then this shouldn't be a problem.
  • Why is the consistency different in some jars?
    This is because our skincare is truly 100% natural! We alter the ratio of ingredients slightly depending on the seasons. We use a little more tallow, butters and waxes in the warmer months to prevent melting and a higher % of oils in the colder months so it stays soft and pliable.
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