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A thick and creamy restorative balm created to soften, hydrate and protect the skin.


Made with nutrien dense, organic and wild harvested ingredients, packed full of fat soluble vitamins (A (retinol, D, E & K) fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C.


Packaged in dark amber glass.

Milk & Honey Tallow Balm

GST Included
  • Pasture Raised Organic Tallow, Pasture Raised Organic Ghee, Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil, Raw Wild Honey, Organic Beeswax, Cold Pressed Wild Kakadu Plum Oil

    Australian Tallow, Australian Ghee, Grampians valley Olive Oil, Wild harvested kakadu plum oil, Malfroys Gold Raw Wild Honey, Northern Lights candles Beeswax


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